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MIRAE P&T is Korean manufacturer established in 1990
as packaging solution specialist.
Over 26 years of experience in the field, MIRAE P&T accumulated extensive
technology & know-how and has grown as one of the most advanced company in Korea
manufacturing PE/PP foam products and machinery.
Especially, MIRAE P&T is the only 2nd manufacturer of Irradiation crosslinked
PE/PP foam products and machinery in Korea.

PE/PP foams are widely used in the electronic, automotive, construction,
packaging and various daily life goods industries.
With increased environmental awareness, PE/PP products are rapidly replacing
environmentally harmful materials like PVC, PS and PU products.

With extensive experience & advanced technology,
MIRAE P&T will do its best to serve Customers with Credibility & Creativeness.
Company name MIRAE P&T CO., LTD
CEO Mr. KIM, YoungKi
HQ Gwanho 1-gil 66-10, Yangmok, Chilgok, Gyeongbuk, 39828, KOREA
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Asan Branch Chungang-ro 171-20, AsanValley, Dunpo, Asan-si, Chungnam, 31409, KOREA
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Business Irradiation crosslinked PE/PP foam products & machines,  
Chemically crosslinked PE foam products & machines,  
Non-crosslinked PE foam products & machines,  
Air-bubble products & machines,   PE film products & machines